Superman game coming to iOS

A Superman game is coming to iOS devices in November, from Chillingo and Tiger Games.


Superman has a rocky history with video games. His most famous game, Superman 64, is remembered mostly as a punchline. But that doesn't stop developers from trying to strike the right tone with the Man of Steel, and his next platform will be the iOS devices. Chillingo and Tiger Games plan to release their iPhone and iPad Superman game this November.

IGN reports that the game will span 18 stages, letting you use Superman's powers of super-strength, heat vision, and flight. Each stage will award bronze, silver, and gold medals. Chillingo has quite a bit of experience with the iPhone, and is best known for the adorable Cut the Rope.

Plot-wise, this game seems to be its own vehicle. It highlights the classic Superman vs Lex Luthor rivalry, and doesn't base itself on the recently relaunched "New 52" comic series or Zach Snyder's upcoming film adaptation.

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