DC Universe Online 'Fate of the Fortress' content available

The fifth game update for DC Universe Online has been released. 'The Fate of the Fortress' takes places back to the Fortress of Solitude to team up with Superman or Lex Luthor to battle Brainiac's hunt for Kryptonian technology.


Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment teased the next update for DC Universe Online, claiming it would launch "soon." One day was soon enough, apparently, as "The Fate of the Fortress" update for the PC and PS3 MMO has been released.

Describing the fifth major update for the online title, SOE says 'Fate of the Fortress' will partner heroes and villains with "Superman, Lex Luthor and familiar Kryptonian characters" to take down Brainiac's latest plans to harness advanced Kryptonian technology and destroy the world.

All active DC Universe Online users on the PlayStation 3 and PC can get the second Fortress of Solitude content pack free of charge. DC Universe Online is set to go free-to-play at the end of this month.

    'Fate of the Fortress' features:

  • Fortress of Solitude Eight-Man Group Combat Raid: Follow Superman and Lex Luthor as they team up to defeat Brainiac and regain control of the Fortress of Solitude. Players will earn Marks of Krypton good towards purchasing new gear in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

  • New Gear & Loot: Players can get cool new pieces to add to their Wayward Drone set in the Hive Hard Mode Alert, including backplate, thorax, faceted headguard, and gloves. Plus, the second part of the Fortress of Solitude raid offers up to 30 new weapons, completing the Prismatic set. Finally, for those who complete all the briefings in both Fortress raids, there is a General Zod-inspired Banished Kryptonian Cowl to claim for players' valiant efforts.

  • HIVE Hard Mode - Tier 2 Alert: Now offered in a "Hard Mode" version, the HIVE Alert takes the challenge to a whole new level of fun and rewards players with Marks of Distinction.

  • New Batcave PvP Map: A new Batcave map brings players to Batman's inner sanctum for a two-versus-two battle, delivering a higher level of challenge to players and more gameplay combat and fun as they battle friends in the Batcave.

  • Dueling: The new dueling gameplay mode allows players to challenge another Hero or Villain to a one-on-one fight - to get started, players simply flag themselves as open for dueling and get ready to rumble.

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