Diabolical Pitch is Grasshopper's Kinect baseball game

Suda51's Grasshopper studio has revealed that Codename D is now called Diabolical Pitch. The Kinect title will support two players, flinging baseballs at mascot heads.


The mysterious Kinect game from Suda51's studio Grasshopper Manufacture now has an official name: Diabolical Pitch. The official name for the project formerly known as Codename D was revealed today at the Tokyo Game Show. Like most Suda games, the title makes a crazy kind of sense, as the game revolves around throwing baseballs at creepy animal mascots. We call this brand of strange logic "Suda-sense."

GameSpot revealed the new title, along with word that the game will support two players. You'll be making the actual pitching motions to throw baseballs at enemies, plus catching, ducking, kicking, jumping, and swinging a virtual bat -- hopefully at some over-sized mascot heads.

Meanwhile, some gameplay footage from Kotaku shows off two players in action, pitching balls at far-away targets. It looks almost like the bottle games you'd play at a carnival -- just much more creepy.

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