Rapala for Kinect coming in November

Activision announced Rapala for Kinect today, a fishing title with a casual-oriented arcade twist.


Activision announced another game in its Rapala fishing franchise today, this time featuring Kinect support. Rapala for Kinect will hit the Xbox 360 in November, and utilize the motion-sensing device to let you cast your line, reel in a catch, and set the hook. If you're a mime looking to practice your fishing bit, this is perfect.

The game supports up to four players, and attempts to mix up the formula with a faster pace. Instead of casting your reel and waiting for a nibble, you'll be racing other players. The announcement touts only 45 seconds between cast and catch, so those fish must really have a death wish.

The arcade style carries through to its presentation, with more colorful splashes of visuals and humor than your traditional Rapala game. The game promises Facebook integration as well, to show off your best (completely fictional) catches to your apparently gullible friends.

"Pro-anglers and family gamers will go crazy for the immersive fishing experience presented in a familiar arcade style format," said VP of Activision Publishing David Oxford, in the announcement. "Rapala for Kinect captures a simple and straightforward aesthetic with an emphasis on play!"

Check out the trailer below to see fishing, boat races, and not a single person over 12 years old.

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