Wing Commander, Dungeon Keeper 2 hit GOG

More EA delights arrived on GOG today, in the form of Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper 2 and the first two of Origin's epic space combat sim series Wing Commander.


Good Old Games has resumed releasing classic Electronic Arts games after its short summer break, coming back with some great games. Today the virtuous virtual vendor of vintage games added Dungeon Keeper 2 to its catalogue plus a double-pack of Wing Commander 1 and 2.

Dungeon Keeper 2 brought Bullfrog's dungeon overlord sim into full 3D, jazzing things up with new units and rooms too. It'll cost you $5.99, and is lovely. The original is also available on GOG. You should certainly play one or the other if the series is a gap in your gaming history, as it's part of why the name "Bullfrog" is spoken in such reverent tones.

Spaceship combat sim Wing Commander was created by the legendary Origin Systems and went on to be hugely successful, spawning numerous sequels, expansion packs, spin-offs, novels, and even a movie. The first two games don't have the FMV sequences which famously starred Mark Hamill as the lead character, but they do have plenty of zap-zap spaceship action and the beginnings of an epic sci-fi story. The double-pack of 1 & 2 will cost you $5.99.

GOG teases that another six EA releases are due "in the coming weeks." Hamillmaniacs may keep their fingers crossed for more Wing Commander, while all my hope's going into wishing that the legal hurdles facing System Shock and System Shock 2 can be overcome.

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