Mutant Blobs Attack announced for PS Vita

DrinkBox Studios announces, Mutant Blobs Attack, its first title planned for the PlayStation Vita.

DrinkBox Studios, the team behind the relatively recent Tales from Space: About a Blob (see top image), have announced that their next game is another 2D blob-based platformer, called Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Astute (or merely conscious) observers will note DrinkBox's continuing propensity for "blobs," and the developer says that both games, in fact, "take place in the same universe." In a brief PAX 2011 interview with IGN, DrinkBox designer Chris McQuinn explained the slight shift in creative direction for Mutant Blobs Attack, despite it also being a blob-filled title. "Last time, for example, we really made an effort to please a wide audience which limited what we could do with the game some extent (e.g. in terms of difficulty, and/or in the 'edginess' of the game's humor and presentation), McQuinn said, adding, "This time we're not quite as worried about pleasing everyone, we really want to focus on just making a game that we would enjoy as gamers."

Mutant Blobs Attack for PlayStation Vita

Mutant Blobs Attack will feature a simple control scheme that utilizes both thumbstick and touch-screen controls, though little else about how the game will play has been revealed yet. Though the initial release of the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation Vita and available around the same time as the the device's North American launch, DrinkBox eventually hopes to release a cloud-save-enabled PlayStation 3 version of the game could be saved and played on either platform.
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