Ubisoft developed inTouch tablet for Wii

Ubisoft has developed a tablet for the Nintendo Wii that is not unlike THQ's uDraw.


Ubisoft has developed, or is currently developing, a tablet for the Nintendo Wii. A leaked concept video spotted by internet sleuth supererogatory shows a prototype device connected to the Wii. Equipped with a stylus pen, users will be able to use the inTouch to draw, play games, and even browse the web.

It's almost an exact replica of THQ's uDraw.

The video says "Confidential" on it, making it clear that it wasn't meant for public consumption. Given its similarities to uDraw, we can see why. While THQ's peripheral has been a surprising success for the company, one has to wonder if the market can viably support two third-party tablets on the Wii. There might be a potential audience on the HD consoles, but that's already being taken care of by THQ's uDraw hardware for the Xbox 360 and PS3, coming this holiday season.

Even if the inTouch never sees the light of day, some of its ideas may translate into future Ubisoft projects. Given Ubisoft's aggressive support for the forthcoming Wii U, we wouldn't be surprised if there were some valuable lessons learned here.

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