Deus Ex items jack into Team Fortress 2

Eight glorious cyberpunk Team Fortress 2 items can be yours if you pre-order Deus Ex: Human Revolution through Steam, including a high-tech sniper rifle and revolver, mirrorshades, and a cybernetic arm.

Special themed Team Fortress 2 items are a common pre-order perk for Steam games nowadays, but there's nothing common about the shiny new toys being offered for pre-ordering Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Oh my. The magnificent eight Manno-Technology items include both weapons and clothing, which surely is all you need for a complete cyberpunk experience, except for a pumping techno-industrial cyberpunk. The Sniper gets a swish sniper rifle, and the Spy is armed with Deus Ex HR's glorious gigantic revolver. The lucky Engineer, a man not shy of a little mechanical augmentation, gets a glorious-looking shotgun and an electrifying new forearm augmentation. For those more interested in cyberpunk for its clothes (Sunday cyberpunks, we call 'em in my syndicate), there's a cybernetic arm for the Heavy, a Nanobalaclava for the Spy, stylish Sarif Industries baseball cap, and, of course, Adam Jensen's very own mirrorshades, the Deus Specs. You'll receive the Manno-Technology gear for free if you pre-order Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Steam. It's not clear whether you'll get them or not if you pre-order from other digital retailers. As HR is a Steamworks game, they'll simply you a CD key to plug into Steam, but these don't usually include Steam bonuses. Green Man Gaming notes that some of its keys have unlocked bonus TF2 items before, but is waiting for confirmation about these. You'll also doubtless be able to make the items yourself through TF2's crafting system. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is headed to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 23, developed by Eidos Montreal and, on PC, Nixxes Software. Steam pre-loading has begun but this may only be for those who buy direct from Steam. GMG has confirmed with publisher Square Enix that its won't actually work until the game launches.

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