PSP getting Madden 12, Need for Speed Shift pack

Sony has announced a new PSP Entertainment Pack, which will include Madden 12 and Need for Speed Shift. It's due on August 30 for $159.99.


The PlayStation Vita isn't launching until next year, but in the meantime Sony is keeping the PSP alive with a new bundle pack that includes two of the things we Americans love the most: football and fast cars. The new bundle includes both Madden NFL 12 and Need for Speed Shift. If you add beer and pretzels to the pack, you'll have a Sunday afternoon in a box.

The pack also includes the usual Entertainment Pack bundle items: a black PSP-3000, and a 2GB Memory Stick. It will come to stores on August 30, and cost $159.99. Packing in two games isn't a bad deal, but it's hard to imagine anyone who wants a PSP but doesn't own one yet. Maybe Sony is trying to snag the coveted and lucrative "procrastinating football fan" demographic.

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