The video game release list of 8/8-8/14

It's a slow, slow week coming up, with Fruit Ninja Kinect being the most exciting new release. It's always darkest before dawn, though, and a glorious video games sunrise is coming soon.


It's always driest before the rain and next week certainly is the dryest of the summer drought, with Fruit Ninja Kinect being about the most noteworthy new release and several platforms not getting any major releases at all. Yes, it's really that dry.

Of course, there'll doubtless be a few other games released, but their silly sausage publishers have seen fit, for whatever reason, to not publicise their release dates. Perhaps the surprise shocks people into buying the game. Who could say?

We're almost through the drought, though. Hold out a short while longer and we'll be swimming in video games again. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, Red Orchestra 2, Rock of Ages, and heaps more lovelies are due by the end of this month, then we're into September and the slow run-up to Crimble.

Here's the teensy tiny list of next week's releases:

Xbox 360


Nintendo 3DS


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