No More Heroes and Harvest Moon mobile titles planned for Japan

DeNA has announced that some heavy-hitting developers will be working on five new games for its mobile social platform, Mobage, including No More Heroes and Harvest Moon titles.


Mobile internet company DeNa just signed some heavy-hitting developers to create new games for its social network, Mobage, in what it's calling the "Super Creators project." According to Japanese news site 4Gamer, the roster of five developers is fairly impressive, and in a couple of cases, the developers will be bringing established franchises to the mobile platform. Suda 51, for example, has indicated he'll be working on a new No More Heroes title.

Marvelous Entertainment's Yoshifumi Hashimoto has noted that he'll be working on a new Harvest Moon title that will allow friends to communicate with each other, in addition to syncing with real weather and seasonal information. It'll be interesting to see if it shares any similarities with the premiere social farming game, FarmVille. Both the Harvest Moon and No More Heroes titles are expected to release this Winter.

Keiji Inafune, Capcom's former head of development, revealed that he's working on a game for the platform called J.J. Rockets. This is the second mobile title for Inafune, after announcing The Island of Dr. Momo. Prope's Yuji Naka is working on an as-yet unnamed game that "uses positional information and has growth and adventure elements." Noritaka Funamizu, another former Capcom developer who worked on several Street Fighter games, rounds out the group of new projects with a new brand called "Nama-ge," but hasn't revealed much else. Development time-frames and releases for these three remaining titles have yet to be revealed.

All of the new games for Mobage will be published by AQ Games. Will they somehow find release outside of Japan?

(Via Andriasang)

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