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Rocketbirds blasting onto PlayStation Network

Stylish shooter-platformer Rocketbirds is blasting off to PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network


Stylish shooter-platformer Rocketbirds dropped off the radar after being a finalist in three awards categories at the 2010 Independent Games Festival, but now it's eggsploding back into the public eye. The game's being revamped for a PlayStation Network release as Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, developer Ratloop has announced.

Ratloop promises "vastly" improved controls, visuals, and gameplay over the original Rocketbirds: Revolution, which was an IGF finalist for excellence in audio and visuals (as well as the grand prize). Hardboiled Chicken's fancy new graphics will run in 720p at 60fps, maintaining the framerate even in its new stereoscopic 3D mode.

You can play the original Rocketbirds: Revolution's demo online, or check out the revamp's announcement trailer below. Or even both! Hardboiled Chicken will be released in "late 2011/early 2012" on PS3 via PSN, but you can play it at the San Diego Comic-Con this week if you're around.

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