Aero-Cross remaking Metro-Cross for Namco Generations

1985 arcade running race-o-platformer Metro-Cross is the next game to be remade in the Namco Generations series, becoming Aero-Cross for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.


1985 arcade race-o-platformer Moto-Cross will be the next game remade for the Namco Generations series of revamps, Namco Bandai has announced. It's becoming Aero-Cross, headed to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network some time this year.

Aero-Cross takes the tired, hoary, old sport of running and jazzes it up with obstacles, jumps, hoverboards and jump pads. Except to see it in the Olympics any year now. Racers themselves are futuristic too, able to air dash and slipstream behind competitors.

Namco Bandai's Generations line is intended to bring the company's classic games kicking on screaming into the twenty-first century, remade with shiny graphics and gameplay twists. It kicked off with the hugely wonderful Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and will continue with Galaga Legions DX this summer. Aero-Cross will presumably arrive after Galaga, expected at an unrevealed time this year.

The price of Aero-Cross hasn't been confirmed yet. For reference, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX costs $10 (800 Microsoft Points).

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