Wii U getting two Ubisoft exclusives

Ubisoft announced two Wii U exclusive games today: a first-person shooter, and a casual multi-sports game.


Nintendo showed off some third-party ports for the newly-announced Wii U during its E3 press briefing, but didn't mention many third-party exclusives. Not to worry; Ubisoft has them covered. In addition to the franchises it will extend to the Wii U like Assassin's Creed, the developer has announced two new unnamed games: a first-person shooter, and a casual-focused multi-sports game.

"Nintendo is an industry reference for game design and accessibility" said CEO Yves Guillemot in the announcement. "We are very honored to be a strong part of this new chapter of the videogame industry. This new console is an amazing new source of inspiration for our developers. With the combination of technologies brought together by this console, our creative teams will be able to take the Ubisoft vision of developing rich, immersive and innovative gaming experiences for all audiences even further."

Ubisoft has a tendency to jump on Nintendo's new devices. It released the Wii launch game Red Steel, and more recently hopped on the 3DS with Rayman 3D and Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, Splinter Cell 3D, and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

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