Aqua - Naval Warfare due on PC this month

The arcade-y seabound steampunk shooter's PC edition is due to finally leave drydock this month, a year after the XBLA launch.


A year after it launched on Xbox Live Arcade, the PC edition of Games Distillery's arcade-y seabound steampunk dual-stick shooter Aqua - Naval Warfare is due to leave drydock this month.

PC publisher Just A Game announced today that it'll be released for PC via digital distribution and retail "this month." That's as specific as it gets.

Packing a single-player campaign along with co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, Aqua puts players in command of customisable ships to save an eponymous steampunk world from conflict, conspiracy, and all those other great excuses to go and explode each other. Unlockable ship types, weapons and upgrades will let you tinker, if you like that sort of thing.

The PC edition's price has not been confirmed yet. For reference, Aqua costs 800 Microsoft Points ($10) on XBLA. A PC release was planned all along, but Games Distillery went silent on the subject after Microsoft picked up the XBLA edition.

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