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Eufloria blooming on PSN in June

The official PlayStation Blog has announced that the indie strategy game Eufloria is coming to PlayStaion Network in June.


The official PlayStation Blog has revealed that Eufloria, the acclaimed indie strategy game previously only available for PC, will soon be coming to the PlayStation Store.

Eufloria is all about "exploring and conquering procedurally generated asteroid fields," and "using their raw resources to grow seedlings and battle neighboring enemy forces." Developer Omni-Labs describes it as a "game of intergalactic guerrilla gardening" in which players will participate in epic battles against "enemy plant life."

  • New units: A new plant will automate troop movements, while a new tree type helps terraform asteroids (both visually and to change the attributes of the seedlings grown on it)

  • Improved gameplay: Including rebalanced levels, improved AI, and a new 2x game speed that works like a fast-forward button

  • New collectibles: Ancient Artifacts add flavor to the universe, as well as full Trophy support, natch

  • More music: Including 100 additional minutes of completely new music by ambient specialist Milieu (the OST is particularly gorgeous)

  • Enhanced graphics: Smoother, faster visuals with much more environmental and color diversity

  • Updated controls: Completely redone PS3-specific interface and controls

This upcoming indie release on the PlayStation Network is the latest title to benefit from Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Pub Fund program, which was created specifically to help independent developers bring titles to PSN without a publisher. Downloadables Joe Danger, Hoard, and Explodemon! are some previous Pub Fund beneficiaries.

While a specific release date hasn't been revealed yet, Eufloria will retail for $9.99 when it hits the PlayStation Store sometime in "the latter half" of June.

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