Mega Man Legends 3 gets 'Prototype' trailer

Capcom showed off a trailer for a "Prototype Version" of Mega Man Legends 3 today. The test-bed will be available for download when the Nintendo eShop launches in late May.


Capcom took the wraps off its latest plan in the odd development cycle of Mega Man Legends 3 today, with the announcement trailer for a Prototype Version of the game. The trailer promises that fans can download the game when the Nintendo eShop launches, which is due in late May.

The trailer also shows off a few snippets of gameplay, and introduces a new playable character named Barrett. In fact, the gameplay shown doesn't feature the main character, Mega Man Volnutt, so it's hard to tell if he'll be playable in the prototype at all.

This version is probably meant to solicit feedback and gauge interest in the game, since Capcom has been very open about inviting fan involvement in MML3's development.

After series creator Keiji Inafune left the company, we saw the odd mix-and-match title Mega Man Universe get canceled. We've been wondering if Legends 3, another Inafune brainchild, was destined for the same fate, but it seems Capcom plans to at least test the waters with this prototype downloadable experiment.


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