Death Rally now available for iOS devices

Remedy releases Death Rally for iOS devices.


Racers, start your engines (and strap on an after-market rocket launcher, for good measure)! Death Rally, the destructive racer that first appeared on PC's back in 1996, has been reinvented for iOS devices, and is now available through Apple's App Store.

The 1996 version of Death Rally for PC was developed by Remedy Entertainment, published by Apogee, and distributed by GT interactive. The iOS revamp available today was co-developed by Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Bros., with Remedy assuming the publishing role.

The iOS version of Death Rally is still all about obtaining and upgrading new vehicles, and laying waste to your competitors using a variety of ordinance on your way to the finish line. In other words, it's sort of like commuting in Los Angeles.

Character cameos from other titles will also be on tap, beefing up the racing roster with names like "Duke Nukem, John Gore from Minigore, Barry Wheeler from Alan Wake." Free content updates are also planned, which will add "new tracks, new guns, new cars, challenges, multiplayer and even new guests, like the Mighty Eagle from Angry Birds."

Death Rally only costs $4.99 for the time being (a dollar cheaper than the regular $5.99 price), and can played on iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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