Game companies honor liars' favorite holiday

A summary of all the lies, tricks, deceit, and pranks that game developers played on you this year.


For one day each year, game companies decide to drop their hard work on press releases promising "innovative gameplay" and instead shift their attention towards pushing ridiculous lies. Most of the time, these are easy to spot and just meant in good fun. But just in case you were fooled, or if you missed any funny ones and want to catch up, here's a thorough run-down of today's various bits of chicanery.

  • Blizzard, as usual, pulled out all the stops and made multiple pranks to touch on its various properties. Among them:

  • Uber Entertainment announces Smash: MNC for every platform under the sun: past, present, and future.

  • Twisted Pixel announces a Home Depot partnership, featuring Marionette controls for Gunstringer

  • PopCap announces PlayWave, a Bejeweled-playing microwave oven that cooks according to game performance

  • Saints Row: The Third shows off... its first trailer?

  • Splash Damage shows "My.Face" with Tapir Wars 3 1/3

  • EVE Online introduces Incarta Mounts

  • The Creative Assembly introduces Total War: Dinosaurs (which, yes, sounds kind of awesome)

  • Guild Wars 2 presents the Commando Class

  • Sega announces Super Monkey Cube

  • Minecraft opens the Minecraft Store, for all your microtransaction needs -- only $494 for a response from support

  • Paradox Interactive introduces plans for King Arthur II: Vietnam

  • CD Projekt Red announces The Bard: Saviors of the Queen

  • Vlambeer recalling all copies of Super Crate Box due to scoring glitch

  • Razer shows off the Talon, a glove to enhance your Actions-per-Minute

  • Harmonix trades in Alex Rigopulos to GameStop

  • BioWare working on Shyriiwook localization for Star Wars: The Old Republic -- or "Wookie-speak" for non-nerds

  • Vindictus crosses over with Half-Life 2 in A Portal Opens trailer

  • Rock of Ages de-make: A Pebble of Time

  • Gaijin Games announces World of Planes MMO flight combat

  • Astro Gaming presents Gold Edition made from 22K gold

  • Ninja Bee announces World of Keflings patch to turn adorable workers into "Deathlings"

  • Remedy announces Death Rally for iPhone and iPad devices, complete with pea shooter

  • Hasbro creates one of the most elaborate pranks with MY3D for iPhone and iPod

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