Arma dev announces chopper sim Take On Helicopters

Arma creator Bohemia is taking whirlybirds into a civilian setting with a new sim, charging players with saving the family business.


After a decade of military games, Arma and Operation Flashpoint creator Bohemia Interactive is branching out into simulating civilian life. The independent developer today announced a PC chopper sim named Take On Helicopters.

Bohemia promises "a massive range of enjoyable challenges" across North America and South Asia as players become civilian helicopter pilots. You see, your father Harry Larkin--doubtless a gruff but kind-hearted gentleman--is having trouble with his aviation business, so it falls to you to slip on your flight suit and start taking on contracts.

Co-op and competitive multiplayer modes are promised, as is a mission editor.

"Helicopters were always an important part of our games and we feel it is time to give them some proper polish in a dedicated project," said Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel in the announcement.

You'll be able to get to the chopper in the fourth quarter of 2011, exclusively on PC.

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