Zynga acquires Floodgate Entertainment

Zynga has bought Boston developer Floodgate Entertainment. The team will join Zynga Boston and founder Paul Neurath will become the studio's Creative Director.


In its ongoing quest to rule the world, Zynga has bought Boston-based developer Floodgate Entertainment. The team will join the Zynga Boston office, and Floodgate founder Paul Neurath will become the Creative Director at Zynga Boston. Neurath is an industry veteran, having founded Blue Sky Productions, which went on to become Looking Glass and develop much-loved games including Thief and System Shock.

Floodgate has made a number of casual PC and mobile titles like Flowerz and Daycare Nightmare, but the company also has some core cred under its belt by developing the mobile versions of some mainstay franchises, including Neverwinter Nights Mobile, Age of Empires mobile, and Civ IV: War of Two Cities. The company also co-developed Dark Messiah of Might and Magic with Arkane Studios.

The details of the purchase weren't detailed in the announcement, but Zynga isn't exactly strapped for cash. Thanks to the success of its casual games and some noteworthy investments, the company has quite a bit of money to put towards acquiring studios.

As a result, Zynga has been snatching up casual developers like delicious jelly beans. Floodgate is the company's tenth acquisition in as many months, having bought Flock, Area/Code, NewToy, Conduit Labs, Challenge Games, Bonfire Studios, and more.

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