Atom Zombie Smasher hits Steam at $10

Flotilla developer Blendo Games' undead apocalypse strategy game Atom Zombie Smasher has now hit Steam at the lower price of $10.


Flotilla developer Blendo's splendid strategy game Atom Zombie Smasher is now available through Steam at a lower price. Everyone who refused to buy the game without a Steam release must now do so.

While Atom Zombie Smasher initially cost $15, the Steam version is priced at $9.99. It'll give you both the Windows and Mac editions, with the Linux version naturally not included due to a lack of Steam support. As a further bonus, there's 10% off the game until March 21, bringing it down to $8.99.

Set in the memorable Nuevos Aires zombie outbreak of 1961, Atom Zombie Smasher gives players control of an orbital battlestation. Directing ground units and deploying orbital weapons, players have to purge procedurally-generated cities of the undead menace and rescue civilians.

There's an interesting twist in that the squads and tools available to you are randomly selected each mission. One mission might see you mowing down fiends with infantry, snipers, and artillery, then in the next you'll be desperately trying to delay them with barriers, dynamite, zombie and land mines until enough civilians are safe. It's jolly good fun. A demo's available, so do give it a go.

If you, like me, already bought Atom Zombie Smasher direct from Blendo, you should now find a code in your email inbox to activate the game on Steam.

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