Bastion hitting XBLA in summer, PC later this year

Supergiant's charming action-RPG, which boasts dynamic narration, will be out on Xbox Live Arcade this summer and PC "later this year."


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that it'll be publishing Supergiant Games' intriguing action-RPG Bastion, bringing it to Xbox Live Arcade this summer. A PC release will come "later this year."

"These are the only platforms we expect to support in 2011," Supergiant explained on its blog. "Beyond that, anything goes--it's going to come down to how much demand there is and what makes the most sense for us to do next."

As you can read in our hands-on preview, Bastion is an attractive action-RPG with "dynamic" narration that provides pleasing commentary about what's on-screen and the player's actions. It scooped nominations for Excellence awards in both the Visual Arts and Audio categories of the 2011 Independent Games Festival awards.

If you're at PAX East this weekend, you'll be able to play Bastion at the WB and Supergiant booths.

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