Double Fine's Next Game Takes You to Sesame Street

The recent spate of Double Fine downloadable games has definitely had a cute theme, but the company's latest announcement may just blow them out of the water by invoking nostalgia. Warner Bros. sent word today in a press release that Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is coming from Double Fine this fall for the Kinect on Xbox 360.

Gameplay details are sparse, but kids can expect to join the famous Sesame Street gang to help solve puzzles. Kinect will be used sense motions like dancing and jumping. The Sesame Workshop is setting the curriculum for the game, which promises to "promote lifelong lessons about making friends, cooperation, and recognizing and labeling emotions." Now isn't that swell?

"Sesame Street had a profound effect on me, and many members of the Double Fine team, when we were children," said Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer in the press release. "So did video games. Now many of us are parents and we want to share with our kids the great experiences we had, but also the completely new ones made possible by cutting-edge technology like Kinect for Xbox 360. So it's a labor of love on many levels."

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    February 15, 2011 7:04 AM

    I'm curious to know if this is based on one of the Amensia Fortnight games. Certainly not likely directly using Sesame Street characters, but in terms of the general gameplay.

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