Morning Discussion

Hello again, The Internet. I was away on Friday at the London indie games conference A Winter World of Love, which was quite lovely. If you eat your vegetables, do all your chores and behave with the utmost politeness, perhaps I'll tell you a little more about it.

I was tempted to join a post-conference game jam over the weekend but felt a little worse for wear so I ended up reading and writing instead. I ploughed through Heart of Darkness (some curious prequel novelisation of Far Cry 2), got well into the astonishingly astonishing BLDGBLOG Book and was delighted to discover that the stories of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' crime comics series Criminal tie into each other in small ways. Many things are enjoyable, aren't they? Oh, and I think I played a little Jade Empire but I'm not quite sure because there seemed to be bad shmup sections and that seems unlikely in a BioWare RPG--it's possible I was delirious.

Speaking of indie games, voting has opened for the 2011 Independent Games Festival Audience Award. As a member of the audience, you can vote for one of the IGF finalists to receive a special shiny prize. Hop to it, then.

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