ModNation Racers Adds Crazed Sports Fan DLC, For-Pay Content Unlock

Today, the joys of playing a game to earn locked content dies a little more with the release of a premium-priced unlock key released for the crafty PS3-exclusive ModNation Racers.

The "Career Unlock All" key is now available for $3 from the PlayStation Store, the PlayStation Blog announced in its weekly ModNation update. As the name would infer, the unlock opens all locked content for those who are willing pay to let their imagination run wild.

We're not huge fans of paying for something we should be doing ourselves, but the idea makes sense for content creators who seldom hit the colorful racetracks in the United Front Games-developed title. Still, it's better than the EA Sports "Day One" DLC offerings that provide pieces of an unlock code for a similar price.

Also available now is the "Super Fan" racer and vehicle DLC for ModNation Racers. Just in time for the Super Bowl on February 6, the Super Fan DLC adds new items like a giant hand antenna and lawn chair set to the ride item list and a caged helmet for racers.

Each piece is available now for 99 cents or as a bundle for $1.75.

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