Kingdom Hearts on 3DS Renamed 'Dream Drop Distance'

Remember this moment because you'll be able to tell your kids all about that one fateful day that a publisher helped resurrect an annoying habit.

According to announcement made a Square Enix 1st Production Department event in Japan [via Andriasang], the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title for Nintendo 3DS has been renamed, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. That's right, they found three words that start with the letter "D" and made it work. Just like the good, old "every DS game must be subtitled with words beginning in 'D' and 'S'!" days.

According to, Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premiere showcases the department's upcoming titles to a select group of attendees. Based on a loose translation of the event, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will be an action-focused title that uses the upcoming handheld's primary feature to convey height and distance between the skies and the ground. There is also mention of regularly switching between Sora and Riku throughout the adventure.

As the event is specific to Japan, a North America release was not mentioned.

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