Costume Quest DLC 'Grubbins on Ice' Hits Xbox Live Today, PS3 Dec 21

Halloween isn't the only time to play Costume Quest. A new downloadable pack for the game titled 'Grubbins on Ice' is available today on Xbox Live and Tuesday, Dec. 21, on the PlayStation Network. Intrepid costume-clad twins Wren and Reynold reprise their starring roles for this winter-themed adventure. They set out to rescue their friend Lucy who has been kidnapped by a new monster leader and whisked away to Repugia, another world where monsters rule the land.

Here's a quick rundown from the announcement of the highlights:

  • New costumes with special abilities including a pirate with a zipline for sliding down wires, a giant eyeball allowing you to zoom out the view, and a Yeti capable of shielding the party in battle
  • New characters, including the new boss Araxia; new monsters such as the Repugiarchs; and new neighbors — non-player character monsters with unique outfits
  • Eight new battle stamps and 18 new "Creepy Treat" cards to collect
  • All-new storyline and quests filled with Double Fine's trademark humor and charm
'Grubbins on Ice' will set you back 400 Microsoft Points on Live, or $4.99 on PSN when it arrives there later this month.

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    December 8, 2010 1:19 PM

    Sure why not. I'm sure I can get another $5 of fun out of this game.