Fable 3 Patched; Glitched Quests, Various Crashes and Online Problems Attacked for Massive Damage

If you've booted up Fable 3 today, you might notice the game has received a new title update.

The 5MB patch released this morning on Xbox Live has corrected a few notable issues that some people may have encountered. According to Lionhead, the patch attacks certain quest glitches and some online problems head on--and hopefully they're all down for the count.

Also fixed in this patch are multiple situations where the game would just crash and one instance where the character's trusted ally, Jasper, would stop talking--rendering the game's world map useless! And we always thought that was a hidden bonus.

The lengthy list of fixes can be found after the break.

    Major Fixes
  • Sanctuary: Fixed numerous issues whereby Jasper would stop talking or whereby the world map would become unusable
  • Quests: Tabletop: The Hobbes may not spawn in the last area causing the player to be unable to progress
  • Quest: Tabletop: Online multiplayer: Player host is unable to vault off platform to Hobbe area
  • Quest: Tabletop: Player can become stuck behind some rocks
  • Quest: Tabletop: After defeating the hollowmen in the room with the lever the player is unable to progress
  • Quest: The Masquerade: Player can become trapped in Reaver's mansion.
  • Quest: The Masquerade: Player can fall out of the world
  • Quest: GNOMES PART 1: Player can break script
  • Live: The players fall out of the world (FOOTW) when transitioning from Shifting Sands to The Veiled Path
  • Crash: Mourningwood guards audio
  • Crash: During the quest "Peace, Love and Homicide"
    Minor Fixes
  • General improvements to performance and frame rate
  • World: Online multiplayer: Fast Travel area does not extend from end of level the "The Hole" to go to Mistpeak Valley
  • World: Player can fall out of environment in Mistpeak Valley while in combat
  • World: After proposing marriage, Bowerstone Castle cannot be selected as family home
  • World: If client repairs a house, the house goes from renting out to living in
  • World: Player can become stuck during Castle Battle after vaulting over sandbags near burning cart
  • World: Bowerstone Industrial: Player can fall off the world
  • World: A fix for existing or future FOOTW situations
  • World: Online multiplayer: No Particle Effects on Host Screen after Marrying another Player
  • Live: Orbs do not always show up
  • Live: Online multiplayer: Fixed an issue with sliding host in the sanctuary
  • Live: Fixed several issues relating to gifting and receiving gifts in local and online co-op
  • Quest: Tabletop: Breadcrumb not leading to Demonic Chickens
  • Saves: Fixed a few issues that could cause a corrupt save game slot
  • World: Driftwood: Hero can become stuck inside of tree
  • World: Shooting a crate creates a duplicate crate
  • World: Black chicken in castle gardens flies straight up into the air for several seconds when kicked
  • Speech: Japanese: Reaver is missing VO in one quest
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From The Chatty
  • reply
    December 1, 2010 11:51 AM

    So what's the verdict on this game? I have heard really mixed reviews on it. I really enjoyed what I played of Fable... and I enjoyed the heck out of Fable II. I've heard some people say this one is the best of the three... then I've read comments from people saying it was by far the worst of the three. I have a feeling I would enjoy the game, I just haven't gotten around to picking it up yet. Should I even bother though... ?

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 11:59 AM

      I wouldn't pick it up unless you have six and a half pounds hanging between your legs because this game will drive you nuts. You need to be hung like a god damn mule just to get through the first half of the game.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 12:02 PM

      I have 7 pounds.

      • reply
        December 1, 2010 12:35 PM

        ... I don't get it.. what's with the 'pounds' jokes?

        • reply
          December 1, 2010 12:57 PM

          Pay no matter to him... He's an idiot trying to make a stupid joke, that really just doesn't work. Of course, he thinks it's funny and doesn't realize it actually doesn't make any sense whatsoever... but that's okay, because as aforementioned, he's an idiot.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 12:03 PM

      This is without a doubt not better than II. Villager interactions are a giant step back, combat is extremely oversimplified (to the point of just holding and releasing the same button once you get spell weaving), and the 'end' segment is not very well thought out or implemented. The entire game is largely mechanically identical to II. It's probably worth playing if you're a Fable fan, but I'd honestly wait for it to go on sale first.

      • reply
        December 1, 2010 1:27 PM

        So it suffers the same fate as any other Peter Molyneux title, then?

        • reply
          December 1, 2010 1:33 PM

          I think the 'Peter Molyneux fate' is not living up to the hype he generates. I rarely pay any attention to any media related to a game I'm interested in, because I want it to be unspoilt when I play it, so for me there isn't any hype to live up to. It's just not as good a game as 2, while being incredibly similar to 2 and taking a few major steps back in some places.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 12:53 PM

      If you liked Fable 2 you will also like this game as well.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 12:55 PM

      I found II to be a step back from 1 and I hear this one is more "Streamlined' as well. I'll wait on the PC version to hit a bargain price with all the DLC.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 1:02 PM

      The first half of the game is slow, boring, and... well. Bad. It picks up a lot as you approach the halfway mark, but then starts to slow down again as you near the end. It feels a lot clunkier than Fable II; the combat is simpler, less entertaining, and less impressive; and villager interaction is - as others have said - a step back.

      Despite this, if you liked Fable II and are willing to force yourself through a great deal of initial boredom, you'll probably get a fair bit of enjoyment out of Fable III. I wouldn't recommend it at full price, though.

      In the interests of offering a second opinion, though: my ladyfriend, who's a pretty hardcore gamer in her own right, is enjoying it as much as she did the other two games in the series. She's ignoring the main questline to instead become a property tycoon and make every single villager fall in love with her. I find that repetitive as all hell, but if you're into making your own fun, you might a lot more to enjoy.

      • reply
        December 1, 2010 1:32 PM

        Hmm... I'm kind of in the same spot as I was when I posted the original question. I'm mildly curious.. but I've heard enough bad things to make me very suspicious. I guess I'll wait a bit more till it drops in price (and I have fewer great games to play). Thanks.

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 3:05 PM

      If you enjoyed 2 you will most likely enjoy this as they are extremely similar, however as with going from Fable 1 to Fable 2, they take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back everywhere.

      -Property management is made easier by having a nice overhead map to view and manage all properties, however you are now much more limited in what kind of prices you can set and what information you are presented with. They also added a feature where houses degrade over time and you need to repair them once in a while to keep them generating money. Kind of neat but there is not a 'Repair All' button which just makes this feature extremely annoying.

      -It felt to me in this one like the enemies were more difficult to fight, which made combat a little more difficult (it's been a while since I played 2 though). Unfortunately combat was also simplified down even more from what was left of it in 2, making it pretty tedious at times.

      -The old clunky menus from the 2nd game are gone, replaced with a fairly nice 3D menu system that instantly loads. However they don't show you what is currently in your inventory, ever, and due to the nature of a 3D menu finding certain things can be difficult.

      -The graphics and overall framerate seem to be better, but every once in a while the framerate takes a huge dive and it goes about 2 frames per second. This patch might have fixed that though.

      -Villager interactions have been dumbed down to a sort of auto-interaction where you can no longer pick the exact expression you want to do - instead you are given the option of 2 or 3 that it (seemingly) randomly selects. This also means you can't perform interactions in front of groups, just one person at a time.

      There is probably more but that covers most of what I noticed about the game. The story was on par with the other Fables, though they do have an interesting feature in the second half that wasn't in any of the others - which I enjoyed. Overall it still felt very much like Fable 2, but I found myself wishing I'd not bought it and instead just replayed 2 since it had been a few years. I still put ~30 hours into it though.

      • reply
        December 1, 2010 4:57 PM


        Magic seems better and combining spells can be fun and house prices made more sense.

        everything else got simplified.....some good some bad

        not really worth 60 but at a reduced rate it would be good.....plus the DLC tends to be good for fable ( i mean the knothole Island stuff not this make-up and hair do that they are doing with this one).

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 4:37 PM

      To a certain degree it feels as if things were cut to make a deadline.

      If you liked any of the Fables its more of the same... The King stuff is weak and really not as promised as far as feel the weight of your choices etc...

    • reply
      December 1, 2010 8:41 PM

      The Giant Bombcast guys seem to be burned out on this game. Ryan Davis told a story (at 1 hour 22 minutes in yesterday's Bombcast) about playing co-op with John Vignocchi, running toward a door that should've triggered a level change between zones, ending up running through the door and falling into an infinite void, and both Ryan's and Johnny's characters falling endlessly through the level. Both guys panic and tell each other about it via the voice chat, then Johnny says, "Do I want to save? Yes...".

      Ryan: "Now every time he loads up his game, which, I should also mention, he was in the 'king' state, and he was on track to have the good-ass ending... every time he loads it back up, when he hits pause, he gets the abbreviated pause menu, not the little room..."

      Wow. Yeah, that's why I demand either a robust gamesave system in single-player games with experience leveling. At least Fallout 3 let you save as much as I wanted.

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