Mysterious Post and USK Ratings Listing Point to Final Bit.Trip Game Being Named 'Bit.Trip Flux'

Yesterday, developer Gaijin Games put up a mysterious blog post titled "Flux," which contained the forcefully poetic text: "A lesson is learned. Life is. Simply. There is no death. There is no before. There is no after. All is in flux. Simply."

Needless to say, we were left scratching our heads and didn't report it--only because Shacknews has yet to add a "Beat Poetry" category to its database.

Today, the German entertainment software rating board, USK, cleared the air. On the USK website a new listing has appeared for a Gaijin Games-developed, Aksys-published title, dubbed: Bit.Trip Flux [via Joystiq].

No other details for the final game in the six-part Bit.Trip series have been revealed; however, Shacknews staff have begun taking "Poetry 101" night classes in case Gaijin Games decides to tease the last entry in future blog posts.

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    December 1, 2010 5:42 AM

    In before the indie crowd goes, OMFG wow this looks amazing!

    Looks like more indie shit that gets pumped on this site all the time.

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