Gabriel Knight Designer's Gray Matter Gets Demo

Over seven years after it was announced, the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near for Gabriel Knight series designer Jane Jensen's new adventure game Gray Matter, as a 1.6GB demo has been released and can found on FileShack.

Sending mentalist and street magician Samantha Everett to the ominously-named Dread Hill House to help with a reclusive neurobiologist's research, Gray Matter offers all the rum doings and spooky goings-on you'd expect from Jensen. On top of that, there's music from Jensen's husband--Gabriel Knight composer Robert Holmes.

Developed by WizarBox, Gray Matter was actually released for PC and Xbox 360 in Germany earlier this month. However, it won't launch in the rest of Europe until February 25, 2011 and it looks like North Americans may well end up needing to import.

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