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EVE Online's serious world of Internet spaceships has produced another fascinating and hilarious tale, retold in the latest Sins of a Solar Spymaster column from Goonswarm's Mittani, all beginning with a spot of hilarious trolling.

The alliance TEST, looking to poke fun at friendly alliance OWN for its stingy habits, deployed a "UN Aid Flotilla" which dispensed free water, water and food--junk items--in an OWN system, broadcasting propaganda and dicking around a bit. However, people got a little curious about why OWN was so miserly and uncovered that, in fact, either it was incompetent or embezzling was afoot. Much drama and some faked chat logs later, OWN is falling apart and haemorrhaging members. All because of a little trolling.

Or that's how the story goes, at least. Who's to say what is really the truth in the murky world of Internet spaceships? Do check out the original forum thread for more on the brilliant Aid Flotilla, then stay to watch the whole torrid affair unfold.

Oh, and today's Black Friday. We're all going to die.

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