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Last night, I was attempting to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer on the Xbox 360 or PC. On the 360, Live was having some issues with the massive player load and actually getting games to load was becoming an issue.

On the PC side, I'm having a good amount of performance problems, though I'm not freezing/hitching as badly as some people. Not having a locked framerate, however, takes some getting used to after playing CoD games on the 360 since CoD4. Aiming with a mouse is nice, though.

Going by the numbers displayed in-game, last night I saw around 3.6 million people "in playlists" on the Xbox 360 version, while the PC reported 35,000. Some Twitter followers told me they saw around 500,000 on the PS3 at the same time. While these numbers probably don't represent an accurate measure of concurrency, those are decently staggering difference, though in line with what I've come to expect from Call of Duty.

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