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F1 2010 Patch Complete, Submitted for Approval

If you're still racing around the track waiting for some good news about F1 2010's multiple technical problems, Codemasters has good news: a sizable patch is complete and on the way.

Writing on the game's official forum, Codemasters' community manager confirmed that the patch--which was first revealed to be in the works late last month--has been completed, internally tested, and "is now in submission with Microsoft and Sony for all 3 platforms, and once this process has been successfully completed the patch will be released, ready for you to download."

Soon after the game's September 22 release (September 23 in Europe), users complained of numerous, game crippling issues. The piling group of angered customers spawned a response from Codemasters, who promised that fixes were in development.

I have yet to play F1 2010; however, my interest in the title has been piqued for quite some time. Following word that it was technically flawed, I decided to hold back and wait on a fix. It appears that time is almost up and the patch is about to cross the finish line.

Will you return to F1 2010 when the patch is released, or have your tired been blown on its rocky start off the finish line? How many more racing puns do you think I can make?

A list of the "main issues" addressed in the patch can be found after the break.

Major Fixes:
  • Corrupt Save Games - We have identified an over-zealous anti-cheating check that manifested as falsely identified corrupt saves, specifically the ones relating to practice and R&D upgrades, the save-games should now load without issue. However if any of you are experiencing corrupt saves outside of this then please continue to send your PS3 save game files to us (Xbox360 & PC saves aren't of any use to us) and we can test these against the latest patch to see whether all instances of this issue have now been fixed
  • AI not pitting in dry races where a mandatory pit stop was required (20% or more) - This has been fixed.
  • Player held in pit-stop too long - We've improved exit logic so that it isn't too cautious in holding players during a pit-stop.
  • Puncture frequency reduced - The likelihood of players suffering punctures has been reduced.
  • Pit-stop lock-ups - Fixed several instances which caused the pit crew to lock-up and not be able to service the cars.
  • Automatically updating race strategy - Selecting prime tyres from the tyre menu (over default option) now updates the strategy so that the pit-crew assign options during the pit stop as opposed to re-attaching another set of primes (in a dry race of 20% or more).
  • First lap calculates correctly - The lap time for the first lap of the race now calculates correctly, from the lights going out as opposed to the cars crossing the start line.

    Additional Improvements:

  • OSD changes - showing split times rather than gap to leader - We've changed how the OSD timing information functions so that split times are now displayed on the OSD, showing race time and race time differences to the other cars - I.e. how far ahead/behind are at a sector boundary.
  • AI affected more by damage received - Damage sustained by an AI'-s car will have a greater effect their handling characteristics, effectively slowing damaged AI down more. AI cars that cannot maintain a racing speed will naturally yield to faster cars & come into the pits for repairs. As before, If they receive too much damage, they will retire from the race.
  • AI yielding to other cars when not on flying lap in qualifying - Improved AI behaviour to move off the racing line or out of the player's way when the player is on a flying lap.
  • Increased wheel support - Increased wheel support and force feedback tweaks (where applicable) for the following wheels; Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback (officially supported), Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience (officially supported), Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch (not officially supported but will work), Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S & GT3 RS2 (both officially supported).
  • Wet weather improvements - Rebalanced graphical and handling effect of cars driving on a wet track - the level of wetness has been increased as well as tyre trails being made more prominent.
  • Improved Damage Modelling - Tweaks to the damage system so that more damage is visible / received during lesser impacts.
  • Next lap invalidated time trial logic - In time trial the next lap is no longer invalidated for any offence committed in the 3rd sector. It is calculated per track and is predominantly based on the final corner.
  • AI: Driver Behaviours - Addressed some issues in driver behaviour balancing that were causing occasionally unrealistic finishing positions.

    PC-specific Fixes/Additions:

  • PC 'replay saving' and playback - You will be able to save out the files to replay them later or share them with others.
  • DX11 - The F1 2010 patch will enable the game to run on DX11. All of the graphical improvements are configurable from graphical options when in DX11. Specifically, "ultra" settings for 'shadows' and 'postprocess'. (These options require a lot of processing power, and are only recommended for high-end graphics cards.
  • Eyefinity Support - F1 2010 now supports 3 x 1 or 3 x 2 monitor display setups (minimum requirement of 3 x monitors)
  • Optimisations - We have made better use of multi-core processors in general, which will lead to better framerates on higher end machines.
  • Additional Support - Support for SandyBridge processors, which also adds support for currently available 'modern' processors, like Core i7, which wasn't correctly detected previously.
  • Xav de Matos was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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      October 27, 2010 3:15 PM

      woot, nice!

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        October 27, 2010 4:07 PM


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          October 28, 2010 4:00 AM

          I completely agree. I like the career mode, despite taking some flak from reviews.

          It could be better, but it's already fun.

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