Weekend Discussion

Thanks to some suggestions from a few Shackers, I've built a pretty good rig for gaming via some wish lists on NewEgg and NCIX. Every time I'm ready to pull the trigger, I think "for a few more dollars, I can bump this up."

At this point I'm thinking of going the Crosshair IV Formula X AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition route. I was going to grab the Extreme mobo, but I don't imagine I'll ever use the Lucid Hydra CrossLinx tech. Radeon is usually my brand of choice, anyway. I'm just used to them. I'll probably wrap the whole thing in a Cooler Master HAF 932 case, as I want something big to give me enough room to throw in a good cooling system.

Haven't decided on memory brand and I'm on the fence about grabbing an SSD. Any other suggestions?

  • Alice O'Connor: Planescape: Torment. Whenever The Nameless One growls "Updated my journal," I like to pretend he's writing entries in his DeadJournal and begging for comments. While I'm uncertain whether DeadJournal even exists anymore, I've been using this brilliant joke for years and I'm not about to stop now.
  • Brian Leahy: I'll be playing Rock Band 3, learning how to be a guitar virtuoso, and making an attempt to recover my lost StarCraft 2 skills. Then, I'll put some more time into Comic Jumper. I'm enjoying the writing, but the gameplay isn't really grabbing me. Hopefully it'll improve.
  • Garnett Lee: Craps, maybe some blackjack? I'll be in Vegas and since I'll be travelling I may try some Super Scribblenauts as well.
  • Jeff Mattas: [Disappeared to do something 'indie,' no doubt]
  • Xav de Matos: I've been playing a lot of Medal of Honor online, so I imagine I'll be rocking more of that this weekend. Along with something else that I'm not allowed to mention. I also need to find time to pack, as I'm out of town next week for a few days to see something.
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