'Private Military Company' DLC Reports for Duty in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead on Nov. 24

Bohemia Interactive's hardcore, cult-hit

Bohemia Interactive's hardcore, cult-hit Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead will soon expand once again, with a new "Private Military Company" add-on coming late next month.

Arma 2: PMC will launch on November 24, for $9.99 (USD), adding "exotic" equipment and a new storyline to the Arma 2 universe.

In the DLC you take the role of a new recruit in the PMC "ION, Inc.," tasked with completing "Operation Black Gauntlet." Your core objective: provide security for a UN team investigating an abandoned nuclear weapons program, and live to collect your paycheck.

Although we presume the content will feature all the intense, strategic battles players are used to, the teaser trailer for the PMC content leads us to believe the game will feature an intricate "Yell at people in bad accents until you go insane and start shooting" dialog tree mechanic.

    Arma 2: PMC features:
  • New playable faction - Private Military Company
  • Original singleplayer campaign with strong storyline unfolding across more than ten missions
  • Fully implemented 2 player co-op mode
  • New map featuring abandoned wasteland style military weapons test range environment, built upon brand new models and textures
  • Unique new character models
  • Exotic new weapons (AA-12, fully modelled XM8 variants)
  • Detailed new vehicles (Ka-60 'Kasatka', Armed Helicopter UAV, Armoured SUV)
  • Numerous new engine updgrades, including full Shotgun Ballistics Modelling and in-game Video Playback
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