Over 5,000 StarCraft 2 Players Banned for Hacking

[Update 10/4] Blizzard has told Shacknews that these bans were handed out at the "game account level," though there have been account suspensions at the Battle.net level.

[Original Story] After warning players that bans would be forthcoming a few weeks ago, Blizzard has banned over 5,000 StarCraft II players "for cheating and/or using hack programs while playing."

It is unclear if these bans simply disable the StarCraft II license attached to a Battle.net account or if the entire Battle.net account is disabled. If it is the whole Battle.net account, it would mean that a banned player would lose access to World of Warcraft and potentially digital copies of older Blizzard games.

Shacknews has reached out to Blizzard for clarification on how these bans function.

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