Atari Games Online Announced as "Games as a Service Initiative"

Hoping to rake in piles of cash from the growing social and indie game scenes, Atari has launched Atari Games Online (GO) in a move to bring Atari classics to the casual space as well as publish new titles for online gamers.

The company plans to offer embeddable versions of classic titles, which could replace unofficial versions on popular game portals. These portals would then be able to enter into a revenue sharing agreement.

The Atari GO Affiliate Program provides you with the official versions of Atari Arcade Classics such as Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede, and many more. Plus, a whole array of new titles such as Faeries vs. Darklings, Deer Hunter Online, as well as modern re-imaginings of the great Atari titles will be available soon. These new titles are micro-transaction enabled and you will earn revenue shares when players either buy Atari Tokens while at your site, or spend them in-game while playing from your site.

Furthermore, Atari hopes to attract new developers with a platform that provides "shared services for account management, transactions, social functions, merchant services, analytics and more," along with "access to the Atari IP catalog of over 1000 titles to create modern re-imaginations."

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