Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Tweaks Could Hit Consoles

Along with addition of new characters Yun and Yang, the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV contains numerous balance tweaks and changes. When asked if these changes could come to the console versions of the game, Capcom told Shacknews:

[Producer Yoshinori] Ono has considered bringing the Arcade Edition changes to console.

As for Yun and Yang, Ono didn't rule out the possibility, but also didn't share any plans about DLC characters for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. One thing he did rule out, however, was another retail release.

"In terms of making a major update version like Ultra Street Fighter IV, that's not something we're thinking about," Ono said to Eurogamer.

Since Ono has ruled out a new retail release, it would appear that balance changes would be patched in to the existing game if Capcom decided to go down that route.

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