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Mass Effect 2 Statistics Revealed by BioWare

Mass Effect 2 executive producer Casey Hudson has revealed some interesting statistics from the game over at IGN.

BioWare put a whole bunch of hooks into the game, revolving around "events" to track things that players were doing. For example, the developers could track when dialogue was skipped by the player, leading them to discover that 15% of conversations were skipped by the total player population.

Looking at all of these events on the PC and Xbox 360, BioWare found that the average completion time was 33 hours and that around 50% of players imported a save game from the original Mass Effect.

More data can be found in the picture above or at IGN, along with some discussion from Casey Hudson. A whole new mess of data will be created in January when the game is released for the PlayStation 3.

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From The Chatty
  • reply
    September 7, 2010 11:22 AM

    28 playthroughts?


    • reply
      September 7, 2010 11:31 AM

      Know how I know those 6 people don't have anything approaching a life?

    • reply
      September 7, 2010 11:39 AM

      I played through 4 times, that was more than enough. Although, my last playthrough was fun. Played on the easiest difficulty mode with a maxed out Shepard, completed as few quests as possible and no loyalty quests. I wanted to see everyone die. Beat it in 4-5 hours, one sitting

      • reply
        September 7, 2010 1:18 PM

        I played through it one time and tried a second time but got bored after an hour or so.

        Forgot how tragically boring the combat was.
        I hope ME3 isn't so overrated...

        • reply
          September 7, 2010 5:09 PM

          Wow, its amazing that I have the exact opposite opinion as you. I enjoyed the combat so much that I jumped back in and did another playthrough immediately after. (Haven't done that in 5+ years for a game). Even though the game came out early in the year, it has being vying for GOTY candidacy from day one.

    • reply
      September 7, 2010 3:33 PM

      That shits crazy. I'm having a hard enough time sticking it out for a 2nd run.

    • reply
      September 7, 2010 4:40 PM

      Yeah I stopped around the end of my fourth... Then again that was just about a week after release.

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