Third Episodic Dr. Who Adventure Coming August 27, The (New) Good Doctor Coming to Wii and DS

The BBC has announced the impending arrival of the third installment in the PC-downloadable adventure game series based on intrepid time-traveler, Dr. Who.

Just like the previous two episodes, UK residents will be able to snap up the latest adventure for free from the BBC website when it's released on August 27. Those outside of the United Kingdom will still be able to purchase the third episode, which is named after the series' phone booth/space ship/time machine device, 'TARDIS.' Pricing and availability for non-UK'ers hasn't been disclosed yet, but the first two episodes, bundled together at Direct2Drive for $4.95, might be a good indication.

The good doctor also has a couple of new retail games on the way, both developed by Asylum Entertainment. Doctor Who: Return to Earth is destined for the Wii, and Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth is headed to the DS; however, no details about either upcoming title have been revealed yet, including availability outside of the UK. (via CVG)

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