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Rage Gets Page on Steam; Rage Using Steamworks? [Updated]

[Update 8/23 4:10PM] Bethesda has clarified to Shacknews that the Steam page "does not mean anything one way or another regarding Steamworks. Too early to discuss." It just confirms that RAGE will be purchasable through Steam when it is released.

[Original Story] During QuakeCon 2010, a placeholder page for id Software's Rage appeared on Valve's Steam service suggesting that the title will be using Steamworks for DRM, much like publisher Bethesda's other upcoming titles, Fallout: New Vegas and Brink.

It is curious that a page should appear so far out from its release date of September 13, 2011--which isn't even listed on the Steam page--and does not yet appear on any other digital download services.

While the DRM used in Rage has not yet been revealed, lead designer Matt Hooper recently told Shacknews that he "thinks people will be pleased with the direction we're going," with regards to DRM. Hooper told us that id Software would wrap [the DRM announcement] in our multiplayer announcement."

Of the DRM solutions, Steamworks is generally regarded as one of the most acceptable to PC gamers, though it does have its critics.

Shacknews has contacted Bethesda for more information about the listing.

[Thanks, crimsonfate1983]

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    August 20, 2010 4:49 PM

    Well at least I'll know when it 's available for pre-order.

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