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Just a reminder that we have a discussion thread up for StarCraft 2 as well as a handy Google spreadsheet tracking Shacknews player names and identification codes.

Last night, I played four about four hours straight and only got to play two missions that I hadn't previously played at Blizzard press preview days. Regardless, it was great to finally play through those missions from the comfort of my home, earning achievements, and seeing some of the cutscenes not included during those preview events.

After five months of the beta, I'm definitely going to be finishing the campaign before anything else and then probably making my way through challenge mode. Once those are out of the way, though, it's time for multiplayer!

Quick reminder that we've got 5000 beta keys for Zone 4: Fight District and the demo for Madden NFL 11 has hit on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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