Shack PSA: Alan Wake DLC 'The Signal' Now Available

The downloadable content that directly continues the tale of Alan Wake is now available on the Xbox Live Markerplace.

"The Signal" takes place soon after the events of Remedy Entertainment's latest title, which hit stores May 18, and is available for free via a code included with new copies of the game.

Users who purchased the game used or have lost their included code can download the episode for 560MS Points (or 7 non-fictional dollars).

"The Signal" is a more action-focused installment in the Alan Wake story, taking the writer through mind bending areas with his trusty flashlight in hand. For the overachievers, "The Signal" includes 250 additional GamerScore points. For everyone else, the DLC includes more "in your face" Verizon ads to sift through. We'd complain more, but the game could use the financial support.
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