BioWare Teasing Announcement Tomorrow; Dragon Age 2?

BioWare will be making an announcement, the company revealed via Twitter: "2morrow will be a great day for BioWare fans. Just sayin'"

The horrendous use of "2morrow" might be a clue and not just Internet-speak. Besides, there was plenty of room left in that 140 character-limited tweet. With Mass Effect ready to move on to number 3, that leaves Dragon Age ready for number 2.

Further backing up a major announcement, though completely speculation on my part at this time, is the fact that Game Informer is scheduled to reveal a cover tomorrow.

Shacknews will update you on both BioWare's announcement and Game Informer's cover tomorrow. Who knows, maybe we'll only have to write one story.

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    July 7, 2010 5:22 PM

    Hooray! This means cheaper Dragon Age 1 when I finally finish off my back catalog and can play this fucking thing.

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