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Shooter MMO 'Global Agenda' Ditches Subscriptions

Global Agenda developer Hi-Rez Studios has shook up its business model less than five months after launch, announcing the abolition of subscription fees--meaning you need merely to buy the PC shooter MMO--and a move towards paid content updates.

A free trial is available on Steam, letting you play characters up to level 15. Global Agenda requires Steam as it uses auto-updating and other Steamworks features.

While Global Agenda's previous $12.99 monthly subscription was optional, those who didn't pay it found their game more than a little restricted. Subscribers gained access to the alliance vs. alliance 'World Domination' mode, the auction house, crafting, in-game mail, improved communication and more, not forgetting character levels beyond thirty.

"Future content updates will be delivered via optional paid expansions," Hi-Rez explains, to support the game. One such expansion, named 'Sandstorm,' is being released for free in two parts this summer to give players a freebie taste of the new way.

To celebrate the news--and the season--Global Agenda is discounted by 33% to $26.79 on Steam as part of its current whopping great Summer Sale.

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    June 25, 2010 6:44 AM

    A very smart and progressive change by them. When I was doing my steam shopping last night...I looked at it, but saw the subscription costs, and decided "no thanks".

    Probably still be that way for me however :) Might make a few more people bite!

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