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'MechWarrior: Living Legends' Crysis Mod Updated

Open Beta version 0.3.0 of MechWarrior: Living Legends, the Crysis mech combat mod recreating the classic stompy sim, was released over the weekend and can be found in a 1.77GB download over on FileShack.

Changes in Open Beta 0.3.0 include new mechs, maps and weapons, bug fixes and major rebalancing plus performance optimisations. The full changelog follows.

  • Almost every weapon has been rebalanced using the new internal balacing tools.
  • Armor across all vehicles has been rebalanced as well.
  • All vehicle variants adjusted to match perfectly to improved tonnage rules. Be warned these are not CBT, but are now strictly adhered to.
  • Prices on weapons tweaked, more to come later.
  • AC10's and AC20's are now automatic firing weapons.
  • Ultra AC's now have a significant jam penalty when overheated.
  • All tank's have had the their movement params tweaked.
  • AMS now only focuses on 1 salvo of missiles at a time.
  • AC10's and AC20's now explode after a certain range
  • Increased repair costs.
  • Increased maximum flight ceiling of aerospace to 1500m.
  • Damage has been tweaked across the board to increase average combat time.
  • Reduced order of magnitude on scores.
  • Slightly reduced C-Bill accrual rate.
  • Cockpit now shakes significantly when jump jetting in a Mech.
  • BA view screen shakes slightly when jump jetting.
  • Gauss projectile speeds increased.
  • PPC projectile speeds slightly decreased.
  • AC2/AC5 ranges slightly decreased, now inccur linear damage drop off after stated max range.
  • AC10/AC20 inccur damage drop off after stated max range.
  • Hawkmoth B reconfigured to hunter killer loadout.
  • More than we could possibly listed here.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes for most Light Mech leg animations.
  • Fixed out of combat area ceiling height on Inferno.
  • If buying ammo for a partially empty weapon the player is only billed for the missing rounds (partial tons).
  • AMS is now repairable.
  • Aerospace manuverability is no longer frame dependent.
  • Fixed vehicle heat damage behaviour.
  • Fixed ejector seat not disabling after use for owner of the vehicle.
  • Improved joystick support.
  • Buying at an APC now also works when connecting to the server after the APC was spawned.
  • Hovercrafts now have functioning boost with no overheat effect.
  • AMS now stays on one Arrow IV if multiple missile instances are inbound.
  • Fixed Mech landing sounds sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed destructible trees demanding too much performance.
  • Fixed pilot positions in a few mechs.
  • C-Bill transfer dialogue and controls do not change weapon group assignments.
  • Fixed Test of Strength prices.
  • Fixed bug in BA jumpjet effect that caused a CDT.
  • Fixed bug which caused weapon reloading not to be correctly displayed on the client.
  • Improved Novacat leg animation & performance, *not final version.
  • Fixed extra ton of ammo exploit.
  • Bomb sight is now more accurate, lateral momentum still not accounted for.
  • Fixed bug which caused a VTOL/aerospace to be stuck in hangar structure after spawn.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Harrasser to be stuck in water sometimes.
  • Fixed bug which caused damage not to be transfered from the backtorso to torso when backtorso was destroyed.
  • Fixed text on HUD grenade indicators and in Buy menus.
  • Fix for NARC beacon not being removed after destorying a target.
  • Fixed jumpjet percentage indicator.
  • Players are not longer able to enter enemy APCs.
  • Fixed BA drowning to death after 2 minutes.
  • Wire guided weapons such as MRMs actually travel where they say they do now. Still affected by TAG & NARC.
  • More than we could possibly listed here.
New Features
  • Changed behaviour of ammo quick buy key.
    • Buy ammo for all empty / partially empty weapons
    • If there is only one weapon that needs ammo, that ammo has purchase priority.
    • If there are multiple weapons that need ammo, buy ammo for that weapon selected in the firegroup manager.
  • Added possibility to limit player / team respawns with Tickets in Solaris Arena and Test of Strength modes.
  • Added HUD display for player / team tickets (if team tickets are inactive the ticket display is used for regular team score).
  • Added server variable so that limits teams to IS and Clan assets only (aka "IS vs Clan" mode).
  • C-Bill transfer disabled during combat (damage taken), 2 minutes after suicides and reconnections.
  • APC owners are now rewarded with 5000 C-Bills for every BA that spawns at their APC.
  • ECM and passive radar now increase lock time for missiles (passive and ECM delay effects will stack)
  • Added three state radar detection:
    • First state (between 60% and 100% with no line of sight): You only have a blip indicating a valid target and distance.
    • Second state (less than 60% radar range while active with no line of sight): You gain knowledge of the target's class.
    • Third State (less than 80% radar range with line of sight): You have all available information.
  • Radar information is cached (but not updated) if you go out of range while targeting.
  • Cached target data will show as "Outdated".
  • Refactored LUA/HUD code to allow for easy implementation of new game modes.
  • C3 broadcasters now receive money for transmitting new targeting information to team mates.
  • Now possible to sell vehicles back at the Mech bay / aerospace hangar / VTOL pad, aero hangar. Default key 'J' while still in vehicle.
  • When first repairing and then selling your mech you only get the C-Bills for the value of the Mech prior to repairing as it would otherwise be an exploit otherwise.
  • Added posibility to limit buy options for a factory (not currently implemented).
  • You can now repair aerospace on the runway.
  • Betty events are now queued and no longer overlap each other.
  • Non-destroyed Mechs without pilot now stay a lot longer on the battlefield.
  • Improved landing performance for aerospace units with a "flatten glide path" feature, default key is 'L-CTRL'.
  • When crouching, Mechs gain a higher pitch elevation limit to aim at airborn units. Four Mechs receive a base additional elevation bonus and are AA mechs.
  • The firegroup manager now remembers the firgroup assignments depending on vehicle and variant. No need to reset them all the time anymore.
  • Added crouch, shutdown, AMS, overheat, deploy and C3 indicators to Mech HUD.
  • Changed night vision shader with custom configuration.
  • Long Tom has now to be deployed before it is able to shoot. Deployed via 'L-CTRL' as default.
  • When buying a second BA weapon and the BA small beam laser is still in the inventory, the BA small beam laser is automatically dropped.
  • New chat system & killog font.
  • New Spectator HUD overlay.
  • New damage display icon for tanks,VTOLs and aerospace.
  • Internal structure for the Uziel.
  • New HUD indicator when overheating.
  • Radar ranges and active / passive / GECM state is now shown for friendly units on the overview map as ring indicator.
  • Legend on overview map to distinguish all the new symbols.
  • Streak SRMs now have more unique firing pattern.
  • Heat warnings in HUD overlay.
  • Numerous other small features you may or may not notice.
New Content
  • Uziel IS 50-ton Medium Mech added.
  • Loki CL 65-ton Heavy Mech added.
  • Aerospace IS Sparrowhawk added.
  • Added AMS turrets for bases. These are neutral and will fire and enemy and friendly shells/missiles.
  • Added sounds and effects to Long Tom tank and Long Tom shells.
  • Added a library of betty sound warnings.
  • Completely reworked SA_Frostbite map layout.
  • Reworked SA_Extremity map with new assets and improved terrain layout.
  • Tweaks to SA_Sandblasted map.
  • Tweaks to SA_Marshes map time of day, added AMS/anti-LT turrets.
  • Tweaks to SA_Clearcut map, trees should perform better than 0.2.0.
  • New map SA_Mirage map.
  • New map SA_ThunderRift map.
  • Added Actionmapper input/controls utility accessible from new beta launcher.
  • New Beta launcher, providing GUI for server configuration (including level rotation), giving you more advanced options for launching (32/64 Bit, force DirectX 9) and allowing for quick access to various configuration tools (Joystick.exe, Actionmapper).
  • New Beta launcher has support for embedded update (future use).
  • Added new BA footstep sounds.
  • Added new BA gear sound (myomer approximation).
  • Added limited library of impact sounds for weapons fire.
  • New Long Tom tank model.
  • New Long Tom deployment/undeploy animation.
  • New Flamer effect.
  • Updated PPC effect.
  • New laser impact effect particle.
  • Added missile models to most missile types.
  • New BA weapon Micro Heavy Laser.
  • New loading screens for all maps.
  • New D/E variants for Shiva and Harasser.
  • New sounds effects for certain weapons like the Gauss and UAC lines.
  • Extensive Betty audio notification library added
  • Betty target status announcements added
  • Betty game state announcements added
  • Optimized bandwith usage of Mech legs.
  • Basic bandwidth improvements over 0.2.0
  • Improved particle effect performance for many effects.
  • Improved sound channel performance for several sounds.
Known issues:
  • Inverting the joyaxis_y on vehicles does not work.
  • Implemented impact sound library is only valid for LOD0 detail (only plays out to about 20m) but is sufficient for first person damage impactor notification.
  • Impact libary will not play for impacts to Mech legs, tanks, aerospace or VTOLs, will be fixed in a later version.
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From The Chatty
  • reply
    June 14, 2010 7:58 AM

    Wow, one of my dreams just came true. Thanks for delivering this awesome piece of news Alice.

    • reply
      June 14, 2010 8:11 AM

      Yeah, these screenshots look amazing. I might have to get myself a copy of Crysis.

      • reply
        June 14, 2010 8:34 AM

        I am buying Crysis, tomorrow. Because of this.

        • reply
          June 14, 2010 5:08 PM

          By golly I went ahead and got Crysis for this too. Looks like fun.

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