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Project Natal Tech Demos Detailed by LA Times

In a preview of Project Natal over at the LA Times, four tech demos were shown. They are "River Rush", "Ricochet", "Living Statue", and "Obstacle Course".

Ricochet is the demo shown at last year's E3, though it has been updated for two players. The Natal camera can use facial recognition to automatically call up the avatar of the corresponding player. Living Statue is a movie-making demo that allows players to "record their avatars dancing and singing karaoke-style, then e-mail the video masterpiece to their friends."

Obstacle Course has players traverse a virtual course and River Rush is a rafting game that finds players "steering a virtual raft past waterfalls, rocks and other obstacles requires lots of jumping and leaning."

Also, mentioned are the "dozen more Natal-licensed titles from other game developers unveiled Monday and Tuesday" at E3 2010.

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