Piracy Has 'Collapsed' Wii and DS, Says Namco

In a recent interview with industry news site MCV, Namco Bandai's Oliver Comte expressed growing concern that the software market for Nintendo's Wii and DS has "collapsed" due to widespread piracy and a slew of "very bad" titles.

"[The Nintendo] DS is the most successful platform ever, but all my kids' friends at school have a DS with an R4," explained Comte, who servers as the company's vice president of sales, marketing, and publishing. "They have 100 games for no money."

"The average quality of a game on DS and Wii is very, very bad," he added. "In the mind of the consumer today, to buy a DS or Wii game is to buy a game that isn't very good."

Among Namco's releases for the DS and Wii, one finds such titles as Pac-Pix (DS), National Geographic Panda (DS), Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked (Wii), Muscle March (Wii), Klonoa (Wii), and We Cheer 2 (Wii).

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