DC Universe Online Trailer Explores 'Suicide Slums'

DC Universe Online game director Chris Cao introduces the 'Suicide Slums' area of Superman's stomping grounds, Metropolis, in a new trailer for the super-MMORPG. While Cao describ

DC Universe Online game director Chris Cao introduces the 'Suicide Slums' area of Superman's stomping grounds, Metropolis, in a new trailer for the super-MMORPG.

While Cao describes Suicide Slums as "a place you're not supposed to go, sort of an iffy, dodgy kind of place," it's also home to superhero Steel's headquarters, the Steelworks, and the club owned by the Man of Steel's pal Bibbo Bibbowski.

Coming from Star Wars Galaxies developer Sony Online Entertainment Austin, DC Universe Online is currently slated for PC and PlayStation 3 releases later this year.

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    June 10, 2010 5:55 AM

    Oooo will there be a yearlong Terry Berg storyline where he gets beat up for his orientation in NYC, because, as you know, NYC is full of angry white guys that want to beat the living heck out of people with alternative lifestyles. You should see the riots we have in the Village during the Halloween parades!

    Let's put a finer point on it. Dan Didio must go. I don't read DC anymore because of his obsession with putting his personal life into the titles he oversees (all of them at this point...) His pet, Judd Winick, is another one I can't stomach. I don't buy comics that try to feed me silly messages based on the theories of feeble political intellects.

    On the other hand, Geoff Johns might be the greatest thing to happen to comics in 20 years. If he was attached to this project, I'd be all over it.

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      June 10, 2010 6:02 AM

      I absolutely adore the fact that this is the first comment. Never change, Shack.

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        June 10, 2010 6:19 AM

        There is no irony coming from a guy named "Dong Patrol".

        You'll just have to learn to separate my distaste for "after-school-special"-style comics. I am not interested in being preached at. I want heroics, sure, but not 90210 "and we all learned something" drama. It's cring-inducing when you see a writer (or editor) spill his hang-ups all over the page.

        It's even worse when it's unlikely. There are NO roving gangs in NYC looking to beat up LGBT's. If there were, you'd see an army bigger than the police force come down like a pink hammer. LGBT's are draw to NYC because it IS safe. It's a great city for pretty much everyone, no matter what their orientation. It really angered a lot of us NY nerds when the storyline came out. We were like "What NYC is this?"

        Since then, I've read some of Didio's thoughts on the issue, and it's clear he pushes the issue. It'd be so much better if it was just an open editing mandate for characters to be introduced organically, and not to kiss the boss's rear.

        Dong, just so you can get over your natural stance to believe anyone who doesn't like to be preached to is a bigot, consider this. I'm pretty patriotic, but if Captain America stood toe to toe with Bin Laden and said something like "You threatened the greatest country on the planet, and the free peoples of the world scream for justice!", I would also gag. I am Catholic, but the old Archie Comics that were somehow co-opted of paid for by some church group make me cringe, too. If you never read them, they'd start with the kids down at the malt shop, talking about hardships, and suddenly Archie would perk up and say "You know who helps me get through a day of hard homework? Jesus!" They were horrible. Douche chills galore from reading them.

        So relax from your stance of constant persecution, Dong. I hate preaching, especially one-note preaching, which is what Didio is all about. I also hated that he slandered NYC. NYC! of all places.

        The only ones beating up LGBT's in the last 20 years are the cops. And it's happened I think once.

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          June 10, 2010 6:20 AM

          There are some pretty tough sentences in this ^^. Sorry, am at work, didn't edit before posting.

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            June 10, 2010 8:06 AM

            I was pleased that the first comment on the article was in no way about the game. I think you may have read in to my post too much!

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              June 10, 2010 9:48 AM

              Inasmuch as the game is based on current DC Comics content, I respectfully disagree.

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